Gnome Gardens

Click on the link and check out how  You can have a Gnome Garden in your backyard!

A mystical, fun loving Gnome Garden is the newest subject tackled by award winning photographer and producer Dee Finning of Ventura, California and award winning writer and producer Linda Lou Crosby of Ingomar, Montana. In their EcoNOOZ web video series, they cover special things everyday people are doing to spruce up the planet.

Hugul Pots

Click on the link and check out how you can make a Hugul Pot in your Backyard!

The intriguing, fun to do Hugul Pot is just waiting to be put together in your backyard by You!

Make it. Plant it. Enjoy it. You will be creating a non-water guzzling, self-generating ecosystem that you can bring to life in leftover pots or barrels.