Video Gallery

Virgin Moon – Demo reel

The Gypsy Cowman – A Vanishing Breed
The Gypsy Cowman is a story of honor, values and traditions of the old west.
Edited by Virgin Moon the story centers on Owen Badgett – cowboy poet, cowman and philosopher,
framed by the history and ranchers of Eastern Montana.
Reviewed by Rick Huff of the Western Way as “the best I have ever seen”.

Advanced Weather Modeling – The Future Forecast
Produced by the Office of Naval Research, Post Production by Virgin Moon

Eyes on Africa
“Eyes on Africa” is a video about an industrious woman, Sherry Grigsby, who has been supplying eyeglasses to Africa, through her one-woman charity. Edited by Virgin Moon, this video has helped Sherry fulfill her dream to bring tens of thousands of pairs of eyeglasses to Africa.

Health Services – Medi Cal
Virgin Moon produced this PSA for Ventura County Medical Services.
It was broadcast on CAPS-TV, Ventura, California

The Eye of the Storm – COAMPS
Produced by the Office of Naval Research, Post Production by Virgin Moon. Understanding the track and the intensity of a major storm, in time, can help save lives. This prediction model, COAMPS, was one of those used to predict the intensity and track of a recent typhoon as it raced towards the Philippines.

Tony Christie Interview
Produced by Bridging Heaven & Earth, Post Production by Virgin Moon.
Tony is an avid labyrinth enthusiast and has traveled around Europe and the United States experiencing for himself the many types, uses, and settings for labyrinths.